How We Should Be Living

Now this is my very first Blog and I have been contemplating whether to post this for quite some time. Its a topic that takes a very open mind to understand, but Ill try and make it as simple and straightforward as I can, taking into account the complex nature of this Blog.

Yes, the title is called How we should be living but I am in no way telling you all how to live your lives, but Im giving my own opinion on how we, as humans were intended to live our lives on planet Earth. I am a religious person, I do believe there is a God and I believe this due to the fact Ive experienced a few things in my time which may prove his existence. This would be stuff like prayers coming true and just a general feeling that I am being guided through life, I dont know, its weird... But now Ill begin my Blog... Here it goes.

How We Should Be Living is based on the fact that over the centuries weve gone from a somewhat peaceful, natural and organic existence, to a world thats filled with negativity, unnatural foods, irrelevant technology, governments, world leaders, and stress, so much stress.

What Im getting at is:

Cast your mind back to before technology was ever invented. Actually, even further than that, cast your mind back to before there was no governments.

We as a human race lived in a fairly harmonious world, where we lived off the land and thrived off what organic and natural goods were available to us in Gods green earth. Sure, there are people out there who still choose to live like this, for example people in far away countries, who are documented in TV programs, working hard to gather the natural foods and resources which help them survive in those somewhat otherworldly environments, and I use the word otherworldly as it is a far cry from what you see when you look out of your window now.

Now bear in mind what Ive just said and compare that to the lifestyles of a majority of our modern-day society. Obesity is at its highest, people are dying before theyve even reached middle aged. Drink and drugs are plaguing the streets and the unspeakable acts what humans are engaging in are heartbreaking. Murder, rape, gun culture and that is to name but a few aspects of the negative side of our modern-day world.

Now think of it this way, what kind of world would you want your children growing up in? Would you prefer them to live in our modern-day society, the way Ive described it, or would you rather them thrive and prosper in a world where that is the opposite? A world where you can walk around in peace and harmony, knowing there is no gun or knife crimes taking place and a world where everything is freely available? Where food can be simply fished out of fresh water rivers or picked from trees? Personally, I would choose the latter.

Sure, there would be no internet, no social networking sites and generally no technology, but is that particularly a bad thing? We survived perfectly well until Facebook was first invented in 2004. Actually, who remembers the last time they sent a good old fashioned letter to somebody? I dont remember myself. Yeah I might sound hypocritical because I also use social networking sites and other kinds of technology, but what I would like to point out about these things is that a lot of the time it can have a negative impact on people. By negative impacts, I mean that people often use these networking sites as their only means of communication. Also, people can become unhealthy from sat for long periods of time each day on the internet, instead of getting out there in the open, getting exercise and actually verbally communicating with people. When youre actually interacting with people, it builds confidence and can make you more friends than sitting behind a computer all day.  So again, think, what would you rather be doing?

Money, is it a good thing? Sure, we need it to practically survive, but do we? Survival is based on being able to eat and drink, and as Ive covered, that is all freely available to us! Even medicines can be made from natural and organic ingredients. When money is desperately needed, sadly, you often hear of robberies and muggings, this, as I say, makes some of the negative aspects of the world we live in. Also, you get people taking out loans, which can also plunge people in to more debt and then this only can amount to family break ups, homelessness and in the most extreme cases, death. Also, without money, we would all be equal. There would be no demographic social classes, there would be no rich and no poor, but we would all be equals.

Now this brings me on to Governments. What have they ever done to our world that is memorable, apart from causing wars and recessions of course? Granted, there may be some good aspects to governments, but I dont agree with a fact that we are being controlled by them. Being controlled by these governments can only pressurise people into rebellion. Rebellion causes violence and violence makes up for one aspect of our degrading modern-day world. The only way we should be being controlled is by following the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments in the Christian religion are our first and original simple set of rules which we were made to follow to maintain order and peace. Prior to the Ten Commandments being released, the world was just as corrupt as it is today. Because of the presumption that there is no God, people are deterring themselves away from Religion. This is due to the state of the world and people blaming everything on God, even the Pope himself manages to blame a lot of things on God by blaming him for all the natural disasters and so on. What Im trying to say is that were living in a corrupt world because people have once again been blinded by the negativity of the world and are dismissing God, but if we dont help ourselves then how can we change the world. If you dont see the light and find God, then you will continue to live in this kind of corrupt world. The whole point of religion is to spread the word, and I am saying that God speaks through his followers to try and change the world from what it is, to what the creator originally intended, which is what Im doing today. As I said, yes Im a religious person but Im not a hardcore fanatic who would sacrifice myself or something for God. I know that religion is there to help us and thats what I want you all to understand.

Finally, I would like to discuss our susceptibility to deadly illnesses and diseases. Again, cast your mind back thousands of years. There is very little evidence which suggest people were suffering from cancers in the Bronze Age. Also there is little evidence which suggest people were suffering from STIs, such as Aids, HIV and Chlamydia etc. If sex is dangerous, then, putting it mildly, why does religion urge people to sow their oats? We were made as perfect specimens, in Gods own image, so why do we now contract all these various life threatening diseases? Is it a dark agenda by governments to cut down on over population? Is it to kill off the degenerates so the rich can prosper? Who knows? But what I personally think is that these diseases are a result of the harmful toxins and chemicals that were consuming on a regular basis. Its a known fact that some cancers are hereditary, but most cancers are caused by drink, drugs and smoking. As Ive covered, in a world where I dream of, where theres nothing harmful, except for natural and organic goods, logic suggests that cancers will certainly have a significant drop in the amount of cancer patients we get today, which is approximately 7.6 million people per year according to the American Cancer Society. Sure, there are numerous ailments that we get which are totally normal and understandable, but these can also be cured with medicines made from the Earths natural ingredients which is proved by books such as Grow Your Own Drugs by James Wong. Have you ever been on a healthy eating and exercise diet and felt how much better you feel as a result? Additionally, we are being forced into eating cheap junk food as a result of the recession and the stressful, fast pace of the society we live in. So its like a vicious circle. Furthermore, I dont exactly have an explanation for the STIs. Again, Im sure that it isnt a natural occurrence and its origins may never be traced, except for the facts that syphilis was first definitely recorded in Europe in 1495 and HIV/AIDS entered the United States in about 1969 likely through a single infected immigrant from Haiti.

In conclusion, I havent mentioned him much throughout this Blog, but you should also know that the Devil is also at work here in this world. As I mentioned earlier, everybody blames God for all of the negativity in the world, but why? God is the bringer of light, so why would he do such things? Also, I would like to point out that yes, I use the internet, eat junk food and have unprotected sex, but I do all these things to a degree where it is not harmful to my body. I have been with the same partner for almost 3 years now. We are only protected against contraception as she has the contraceptive rod. So far we have been perfectly fine, no STIs and we have a happy and loving relationship. Sure, I would like children one day, but not until I see a change in this world. Also, I eat junk food occasionally, but most of the time eat healthily and exercise on a regular basis, as my body is a temple. Lastly, I do Media studies at college and use the internet quite often to interact with friends and catch up with whats going on in the world, but I still manage to get myself out in the open and socialise with friends as often as I can. Furthermore, I do not smoke and only drink on certain occasions. By doing those things, I try and set a good example and strike a good balance between the unhealthy and being healthy. Lastly, Im not criticising people who live the way I have mentioned. As they say - do each his own. But I am urging people to have a think about it all. Sure this Blog may be pretty insignificant in the vastness of the internet, but I may very well have scratched the surface of starting something great. With your help, we could expand on it and make a change in this world which we desperately need.

Thank you for reading my maniacal gibberish and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it and getting it all off my chest.

                                                                                   Peace :)

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