Human Garbage - My experience

I don't ever have anyone over to my small apartment... there isn't much room to entertain, nor do I have the social network required to invite people over.... never the less my apartment is still clean.


When I was younger, I can admit to being lazy.  I didn't want to get up to go to school, I didn't want to do chores, my homework, or anything that wasn't fun.  But I grew up. I dove into independence and responsibility head first, and stepped up to the plate and changed what i needed to change about myself, and did what I had to do.  That's the way it works no?

I've met a few people, mostly women, who were the poster children for the "Scum of the Earth / Waste of Oxygen association".

I used to live with a friend of my ex's.  His friend had a girlfriend who was one of these people.  Her whole life was a total waste.  She would lay on the floor in front of her computer playing WOW, only to get up to take a shit, or to eat... which she was very good at.  Unfortunately she wasn't as good at cleaning up after herself, or herself, as she was at being a raid organizer or whatever WOW nerds do.  She always had greasy hair, was really fat, and had dirt in the stretch marks on her chest, which for some reason she thought looked nice, because she always had ample cleavage showing. (Even ripped a few very pitiful t-shirts to accomplish this look).  She was on welfare.  Because her landlord was her bf's mother, she was able to lie to the government in order to get more money from them. Her rent was only $150 a month, but she told the government it was $400. She was proud of this accomplishment, and because it was probably her only accomplishment, I let her wallow in her own misplaced pride. This girl was 24 years old... and eventually moved back in with her poor mother after the relationship ended.... stealing his car, which he paid for, but had to put in her name because he was looking to go onto welfare himself.


Another girl like this is my current bf's sister in law.  A 28 year old mother of Satan.  It's not that this kid likes to get into trouble... quite the opposite. He's never seeking attention in whatever way possible... he's not what you think, when you think bad child. The problem is, he's spoiled beyond repair.   This family lives on one income. They have had numerous consumer debt problems that my bf's parents have bailed them out of many times... despite this, they still give their kid whatever he wants. He has his own toy room, multiple gaming systems, and gets whatever he asks for.  Every time you take him to a store he expects something... so much so that he just throws it on the counter and says "I'm getting this". At his grandparents house,  they fill him up with junk food before dinner, and lets him leave the table after not even touching his meal.  When he gets home, he's hungry again, and they feed him more junk that he wants.  Every now and then he will be told not to do something for whatever reason, and every time he throws a fit. When he cries, he gets what he wants... and he knows it.  One time he fell off of a chair that his parents told him not to jump on. He laughed a little, until his parents said "I told you not to go on that" and then he starts crying, and even accuses people of pushing him.  They baby him, and then at the end he's not in trouble, and will often go on to keep doing what his parents told him not to do.  He shouts orders to his parents, he never asks... and they always comply.  This isn't even the worst of it.  His mother - the women in question, is rather large.  She wasn't always.  She gained some weight after having her baby 5 years ago, and has let go ever since.  She still to this day uses her pregnancy as an excuse... but I'm sorry... no one gains 200+ pounds during pregnancy.  Recently she started a no carb diet.  A no carb diet is supposed to prevent calories from turning into fat.  I guess she doesn't realize this.... or saw this as the easiest way.  She complains that it's not working... and I want so badly to shake her and tell her why... but it's not my place.  She still eats fatty foods, everyday. When we eat at the in-law's, she often eats a portion twice the size of what mine is... and she still wonders why she isn't losing any weight.  She tried exercise in the form of a paper route.   They needed extra money, and she needed to lose weight.  This lasted 2 weeks before I started seeing bundles of newspapers pile up in her driveway.... she has since been fired. She had a job before she was pregnant, but instead of going back after her maternity leave, decided to stay home with her kid, against her husbands wishes... nothing wrong with that except he's in school now, and she's still not working, at home, complaining about pregnancy fat.  Her house is also a pig sty. Sure it's to be expected with a 5 year old with enough toys to make a house out of plastic with, but it's not just the toys.  You can't see her dining room table or kitchen counter. It's piled almost ceiling high with food wrappers and non perishables.  The dishes in their sink can't be done in the sink they sit in, but instead need to be put into the bathtub in order to have enough room.  Their dog is just as ill-disciplined as their son.  This shitty little punt dog jumps on everyone, and even nips at people's faces when he does so. He doesn't know the sit command, regardless of the 2 different dog training courses he's been in.  When people, like me, come over he gets so excited that he pee's all over the place, and THEY DONT BOTHER CLEANING IT UP.  Last time I was there, the shit pissed on my leg. The reaction I got was "he does that".... they didn't yell at him, they didn't put him in his crate... they DIDNT EVEN GET ME A PAPER TOWEL TO CLEAN THE PISS OFF MY LEG!!!! I had to go into their nasty kitchen and dig through some shit to find one for myself.   After the dog had finished peeing on me, it continued to jump on me so much so that I was a little afraid to sit down, as I thought the dog was going to jump on my lap and either bite my face, or piss on it.  Eventually she called him over in a sweet voice and GAVE HIM A TREAT "to calm him down".   When I leave, I notice small black baggies scattered over the driveway by the rotting piles of flyers, only to realize that they are shit bags from the "corner and back" walks they take this poor dog on.   Her husband is at his wits end.  He works long hours in some steel place.  He operates a hammer that forges red hot steel into parts for something.  It's extremely hard work... and even though they have two vehicles (he drives the shittier of the two of course) he still runs all of the errands, does most of what is done of the house work, and even cooks for the family if he isn't working evenings. 


How can anyone stoop so low? How could anyone live with themselves when they're like this?  I know what it's like to be unmotivated and lazy... but after a while shouldn't even the laziest person draw the line somewhere? Say... maybe when the dog pisses on the carpet that your son plays dinky cars on?  Just a suggestion.  Like holy fuck!

Now I have to go make some phone calls to find out if I qualify for the unemployment claim I paid out the ass for.  I feel bad for having to depend on the government at times, but I pay my taxes....


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