So we were hanging out with some homies and this one guy nightblaze started talking shit about this guy Cody who got a scholarship for college because hes good at football and nightblaze kept talking shit like he doesnt deserve to go to college and that his taxes go to pay for that retards education, I like Code and hes cool yo so I asked why hes hating and nightblaze started acting like Im stupid not to know that cody is dumb and gets a scholarship because hes good at sports and smarter people than him dont get the chance. so I said that yo man you like to watch football on tv maybe cody is gonna be a star one day wouldnt you like that you knew a football star? and he said thats not his point because the system is flawed and stupid poeople like cody get scholarships and smart people sometimes dont. So I was like yo nightblaze you drive a sports car and your family is rich why do you even care you wanna go to college they probably gonna pay for it yo! He said that he doesnt want to go to college but its unfair that cody gets a scholarship. I said that if its so unfair maybe he should give his car to less fortunate lol and he was like no thats not my point so I asked what was his point and he said I'm too stupid to understand lol I said youre stupid man you cant explain what yo problem is I tell you whats your problem youre jealous because cody got a scholarship and at this point all the people in the room were waiting what nightbaze gonna say but he just said theres no point in talking about that youre too stupid to understand how the system steals from you and gives to the poeple who dont deserve the money and I said its not your taxes I pay taxes too so I happily give them to pay codys scholarship lol so everybody stood up and started highfiving me and nightblaze left like a total sissy with out saying a word lol
Uploaded 08/01/2011
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