I am a human being gao damit!!

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   what the hell are we all doing? i for one am tired of hearning bull shit all the time. this is my drunkink blog for i am a fucking human being god dammit!! i'm not alone, and i effect everyone and so do you!! i'm pissed off and so should you be!!! i'm not pissed in a negative matter for i love input and i'm pissed because each and every one of us have been stripped of knowlege and the will to learn for fear of our peers who are also in fear of being cut down as outcast of society. don't you see it are you so blidened by the media? your a fucking HUMAN being!! but every day your cut down individualized made to yell at one another over stupid politicians when simply you forget the fact that you are a human being and the negativity of 2 politicians putting each other down like some simple play ground kids that dukes of hazard di-cast metal car rules over the transformer plastic... wtf are you doing to each other your fucking human beings god damit arguing over that you think your candites right and egging or desruction your neighbor over 2 people that will never evrer be in your lives if only for 8 years when your neighbor and friends will live with you till your done. i sya to you wtf are you doing looking like stupid monkeys believing in 2 canidates when infact it is our constituional right we the people for the people and by the people... forget those words and become individualized for that is what we have done to each other. your actions affect me and everyone else, your not alone be posituve and realize that your a FUCKING HUMAN BEING, and that 2 candidates don't justifie america nor do they bring change for we are the people not those talking monkeys... it is you and evry one else have never been alone it is you that are the american people and not some talking monkey poltician your the people , we are the people , we rule the gov't , not the gov't rule us.... YOU MAKE CHANGE...not politicions...r4ember the constion that has been given to you from your birth right....uphold your traditions for it allways has been you, live positvly and not like the stupid politicians who are negative and yell at each other with stupid words... you are the constitution, you are the people, you have to sshow positive reenforcement for your contry, politions don't dicate change!! the constitution and we the FUCKING PEOPLE DICATATE CHANGE BE POSITVE AND NOT NEGATIVE LIKE THE FUCKING CORPORATIONS AND THE BLEEDING POLITICIANS THAT TAKE YOUR BITRTHRIE FROM YOU!!!!! 


p.s beer is good and i need to fart

Uploaded 11/02/2008
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