I am a Time Thief!

I am a time thief. I am not proud of this, but like a drinker standing up for the first time and admitting to being an alcoholic, it's a first step to change.

What is a time thief? It's someone who steals time from others and uses it for their own pleasure. The fact that I am typing this blog on my employer's computer during normal working hours is time theft. When I am home ignoring my kids and wife while I surf porn or this site, is a theft of their time with me. Even if I was alone and home, every hour I spend drifting about the internet is stealing valuable time from me. Thats time that could have been used to improve my mind and body.

I am betting you are a time thief as well. Perhaps, like me, you sneak on this site when no one is looking or have rearranged your desk so co-workers cant see your monitor. Hey, look at Mike typing away on his computer again, that guy sure is working his ass off. HA! Or maybe you race home and spend the rest of the evening at your computer behind a closed door is in a dark corner of your basement where no one will bother you.

Time thieves come from all walks of life. I am a well paid executive with great responsibly, yet I am a major time thief. Based on my current income and an estimated 15 hours a week of time theft during normal business hours, Ive stolen the equivalent of about $15,000 from my employer in the last 10 weeks alone. While I do pay my employer back for most of this loss by staying later and working weekends (there are still deadlines to meet), every hour I work beyond normal hours is theft from my family and myself and the value of this stolen time is priceless to them.

I know I am not going to change anytime soon. The desire to steal is just too strong to resist. I just thought I would come clean with myself and admit to what I am really doing here. I am not a simply a guy who enjoys an occasional surf, I am a major time thief in what has to be the biggest criminal gang on the planet.  Maybe someday I will give up my life of crime.maybe, but not likely.

Uploaded 03/11/2009
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