I am actually not kidding.

For the record I don't believe in things that go bump in the night, or orbs and that shit, but, I thought I would share a small creepy happening of my own, this happened when I was thirteen years old. Where I live there is a massive wooded area beside my house, well there used to be, now there is a school. Anywhoo, the area I am from there used to be massive coal mining and shipbuilding. Around my house there used to be train tracks for moving the coal from place to place as you do. Now these tracks and all evidence of the in industry was removed from the area well before I was born we are talking decades before. 
     I used to play in the wooded area with my friends building forts and playing soldier, as you do. when one day we were playing and we heard a trains air whistle in the distance and the ground started to vibrate. Forgetting where I was I shouted "quick get out of the way a train is coming".
    We did just that we jumped to one side, even though in retrospect, we were in the middle of a wooded area and didn't know what was coming and therefore didn't know where to stand. As the air whistle built to a crescendo and the ground trembled beneath our feet an actual steam train shot past us mere feet where we were standing. It was a glossy red, as it shot past I felt a strong breeze against my face, and a distinctive smell that I could only place a couple of years later. 
   The train just appeared out of a thick dense patch of woods and disappeared as soon as it had appeared. Obviously shaken an bewildered my friends made to run and tell their parents, but I stopped them, as what would they say, I know what I would of said if someone told me the story, We never told anyone, we never spoke of it again.
     Being an area that used to be devoted to mining their is an open air museum, which has working steam trains as attractions. When I was 15 I went there for the first time, but I fell ill when I got there. It was the smell. The smell of the train. The acrid steam mixed with burning coal, as soon as I smelt it, I felt dizzy and began to vomit, then hallucinate, it was like deja vu, I was back in the wooded area feeling as though the train was going to shoot past. When the air whistle of the train at the museum sounded I blacked out. I have not been back to the museum.
I don't know why I shared that, apart from my friends who were there no one else was told. 
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