I am afraid to write this......

the last time I wrote one of these blogs we didn't get rid of the problem he just dug in like a tick on a hound but here is my two cents about sissyizzle. Those of you who dont know this here is what happens...... a person who is so insecure they cant write their own stuff will come on and pick a fight with some of the popular people and then they will brow beat and attention seek till they wear down some poor soul. Then they will proclaim to change there ways and by then people are good and tired and will agree to the so called white flag just to get him/her of their back. I noticed this particular individual wrote another blog and I did something amazing........I went around him or I didn't read his blog and then I took his power away. It was easy to do I just went around and I am not telling you to do this all I am saying is YOU have the power he/she doesn't. Now love this guy or hate him it will not matter just remember YOU have the power. I for one am done with his shit and I will say no more about it.


OK I am done I now am going to talk about really boring political stuff so feel free to "Go Around"


What the hell is going on with our media? It is supposed to be OUR media but why is it they will burn a person all over the place and then you never get to hear what happens on that story. I know American Idol might be on and we have that important stuff to talk about but somewhere in the middle of all this Gov. Palin was acquitted on all charges and it cost the state of Alaska 350,000 dollars to find this out. Acorn is another story I would have liked to know the end of, well now the election is over I hear that they are in so much trouble for voter fraud there is a good chance the organization or the higher ups will be gone. Heard today that the PRO-WEST party of Iran has taken some power and the Hem-who-knowsa-BOB is now losing their foothold. In this particular instance it would seem the Iranian People have spoken and they are tired of all this radical shit too but until the powers that be think we need to know you will have to read it on the bottom of your TV screen as it goes by at about 100 miles and hour.


Please think these things through whether you are for or against a particular topic, the point is and should be why are we left in the dark with these stories?  We are left at the mercy of a news service that is so damn tilted to one side or another we NEVER hear the truth. The question again "Bo what should we do?" Hell dont ask me I want to know what you think because I am very afraid of this Propaganda machine we call FAIR NEWS.


Thanks for reading Bohank

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