I am ALL MAN... But I am such a softy

What is going on with me? So far this holiday season I have been getting really emotional. Possibly because it is the time for togetherness and happiness that we share with each other. But yet these past five years I have been REALLY emotional. For example when I was younger I could watch any tear jerking movie and not have a tear in the eye. Now when I watch movies I would cry like a bitch. I cried during "Forest Gump" when Buba died, I cried during "John Q" when John yells "I AM NOT GOING TO BURY MY SON!!!". I even cried during "Land Before Time" when LittleFoot's mother died. That movie I cried a lot.  Now with all the sad Christmas movies they play on TV I cry almost every time I watch ABC. This emotional problem I have is getting out of control. All it takes is for me to watch an actor show the slightest emotion and out comes splash works. It has gotten so bad I even cried during the "Ren & Stimpy's Christmas Special" when Stimpy lost his pet fart. That was also another real bad tear storm. I just pray this is just a real long temporary phase I am going through.

Uploaded 11/11/2008
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