I am Being Stalked!!


Ok, i went out with this girl for like five months. Well the first two were awesome, but then something changed.... She would pop out of no where and ask "Where were you 'Clayton'?, what have you been doing?" Then she started talking about getting married!(please remember that this is only two months...) So being the big puss i am, i decided to try to get her to break up with me.. I wouldn't text her, wouldn't call, pretended i wasnt going out with her, even flirting with other girls! Still, she persued me like i was pissing out the fountain of youth. Finally, i couldn't take it. She and her weird friend popped out of nowhere while i was working, and tried to start some stupid conversation about who was cooler from Twighlight- Edward or Jacob... Anyways, i walked off and hopped in the car with my friend 'Kynzi'. She was apparently dumbfounded, cause the next day she told me she didnt think i was commited to the relationship. So i said, "well then i guess we're over, i am sorry that you feel that way though..." and walked off. The next few day her friends, family, and she just "randomly" met me in town. They all said the same things like, "Wow 'Clayton', 'Cayli' really misses you, she wont even eat, and its been 4 days...." or "'Clayton' you are such a dick! why'd you do that!?!" *groin punch*--walk away... Now evertime I go out somewhere, her or one of her weirdo, happy go Planner freaks finds me and questions me. "Are you seeing anyone? Have you tried to talk to 'Cayli'?" Ahh! what should i do?!?!?!


P.S. She also recently found out i was trying to break up with her and now she thinks i am hooked up with 'Kynzi' and is spreadin rumors around such as, " 'Kynzi' is such a whore! Do you know she slept with (insert any given name)? I am pretty sure she has crabs..."

Uploaded 04/27/2009
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