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I watched and listened to the speech tonight and I was thinking I am all about this and then BAM public option, now I am out. Don't go getting all out of sorts because I would like to say a couple of things, first I do think every US citizen should have the ability to get health care. I dont know how they are going to do it but I do not like the Idea of the government being in the health care business. I am now on medicare and it sucks people it flat out sucks. I used to have a savings account now I dont and want to know what I thought about when he talked of public option? My daughter who is still in school and I pay for her health care and it is about 200.00 a month, what do you think I will do when the government comes out with the low cost insurance?  I am going to get her on that and the chain starts. The public option is ripe for abuse and they could do it in another way, I heard some people talking about opening up the insurance so they can go to ANY state, this makes sense to me this would bring down prices and hopefully keep us out of the Health care business. I do feel a little bit better about the whole thing but I dont know how they can stop the abuse of a public option and if they cant you have to know it will become just another form of Socialized medicine. Hey maybe they will put some restriction on who can get on it, I hope so.  On a  lighter note I thought it was so funny when Obama brought up tort reform and you could just see all the democrats getting all scared, I mean they are so far up the lawyers asses they will fight reform to the bitter end. I dont know if that was funnier than the republicans looking sideways and talking out of their asses because anybody with half a brain knows they are in the pocket of the insurance industry. I wonder why we are having trouble getting anything done. I do agree with some of the people talking on cnn about the "you have to have insurance deal" isn't that against the constitution or are we doing away with that? Obama talks so purdy........   Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 09/10/2009
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