I am sick of the hatred that Ebaums world is allowing.

I understand about freedom of speech, but in this day and age where there is war, and famine, low employment rates, Aids, Cancer, homelessness, chidren being hurt, and killed, Why would a site that seems to be designed toentertain people, with amazing, weird, and funny, and sometimes informative videos, allow people to post hate on their site.  As  a black man I must say it is easy to see why the world is going in the direction it is going.  For one thing we blame all the wrong people for the way things are going! Hate is a disease, it is a tool for the Devil!  I never thought that because my skin is brown I would be hated for it!  Question then, if some white peope hate brown skin, chestnut skin, hazle skin, dark brown skin, red skinned, or any other colored skin that's not basically caucasian, Why are their so many tanning salons in the world, Why do they spend so much time tanning their bodies...I was raised to embrace who I am not hate the skin I'm in.  What is wrong with love?  I may be different, but that's what makes me special!  I don't hate anyone for their differences, because no one person is perfect!  Ebaums world you are influencing hate by allowing people to constantly slander, and bash people for who they are.  Does it ever occur to any one that the reason this country isinthe state that it's in, is because it was founded on hate, decieit and lies...It was built on the backs of my ancestors, it was built on the lands of the indians. Breeding hate, telling us we were something we're not intead of telling us we were beautiful, and welcome. I don't know much about reincarnation but I hope that when those hateful people die, that they are forced to live the rest of their existence, through the very peoples eyes they hate so much!!
Uploaded 11/03/2010
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