I blog, therefore i am.

so. i haven't blogged anything for a while so i thought i would give it a go. i started coming to this site when it first came online but other distractions meant i didn't return for some years. not much had changed really accept of course ebaum himself was not on the scene and reprobates had taken over the comment section on features.

i started to blog under the usernames of Pascho and Lemming Herder to practice my writing, as writing had never been my strong point and i wanted to test out whether my writing style would appeal to my target audience. what i quickly realised is that my target audience probably don't even read blogs, lol never mind books! not that i ever thought anything i wrote would get published, but if you are going to do something its worth doing it right.

i did get some really good feedback and i am thankful for all the people that took the time, but weirdly it was the negative but constructive feedback i was looking for. feedback that could tell me where i was going wrong but never got, it was either really good lol, or people think it was not worth commenting on or reading.

the reason i stopped writing Beyond Man and Machines was because of issues in my life that meant i was too stressed to write. i have dyslexia which is made worse by stress. if i wrote without an edit, none of this would make sense lol. its like trying to write when you have a really bad headache. maybe i will start again in the future as my life is starting to calm down again. the whole story of Beyond Man and Machines was worked out over six months ago but the problem has been to write it the way that gives it justice.

so i have just rambled about the stuff on the top of my head and cant think of much more but to say. there are a number of cool people on this site and its been fun. :)

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