I Don't Get it?

Hello eBaum's,

I'm thrilled about the success of my first blog and now some people want to friend me. That's nice and all, but come on if I don't even know you, like how can I be your friend? I don't get it. That same thing happened on facebook and it was creepy with lots of guys I don't even know wanting to be my friend and I was like, you don't know me and I don't know you and I'm married and stuff. 

Jeb was laughing at me yesterday when he showed me some old video about some old guys who make wine. I really don't get whats so funny about saying I soak cork repeatedly? Perhaps someone here knows why Jeb finds it so funny. 

Something else I don't get is why so many black women say "uh ha" after I thank them for there purchase. Or how some white bitches act like they own me when I'm helping them out. I wish I could follow them to where they work and pull that on them. 

Then theres those guys who drive around in their cars bobbing their heads. It's creepy they look like those plastic dogs in my Grampsis car except bigger and driving the car. I don't know its weird, right? 

Hey how do I add videos to my blog? 
Uploaded 11/26/2012
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