I don't get the world anymore part 2

I wrote an article a little while back about the little things I didn't get about the world anymore. I mean it was stuff like why do people dress like the eighties and how could Twillight be a movie. But something happened to me recently that got me wondering how the world became so fucked up that it drives people to crime and violence over petty things.

I was recently attacked by six african individuals which is a fancy way of saying six black guys beat me up in the middle of night in a secluded spot for very little reason. I was walking home one day and six black guys surrounded me and tried to rob me but I stood my ground and didn't give an inch or a possession which ended up with me on the ground being kicked and assaulted by the men I so foolishly tried to fight myself.

I had a sprained ankle, a black eye, a swollen lip and eye and some retinal tearing in my left eye. Why? Because six people I never met before wanted to rob me. Not for veangeance, not even for money, for fun. I don't understand why the world became so fucked up. I always had it in my mind that it was wrong to rob and to attack the innocent, what are other people taught? Are they not taught to be good human beings or to treat others as equals and not just objects to toy with?

I just don't understand why people do such things. This isn't the first time it's happened. It's happened to others before. I find it appauling that others do such things. Why did six of them need to beat me? If I were them I would have fought one on one like any fight should be fought. Fairly and without aid from others. What happened to honour and respect for your opponent? What happened to leaving him when he was down? Why did they beat me so? And why did no one help? Many people saw but no one helped me. I don't really know anymore why the world is so fucked up anymore. All I know is that I will do what I must to bring a little more order and a little more equality to others.

So if you ever see someone like me, being beaten by a group of people, help him. You don't have to jump into the fight even though I myself will if I ever see it happen to another but at least call the cops or help from around. Don't leave them there because you just fuck up the world more.

Uploaded 08/30/2010
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