I don't know why.............

One of the things that is a pet peeve of mine are the people on here who have multiple screen names. I think that if you are going to say something to someone in a bad ass way then do it with the one name instead of hiding behind a fake name. The only person on here that came out and admitted it was whynot/postal and lets be honest here he was a jerk under both names so he wasn't hiding now was he? You come on this site and you have complete anonymity and then you have to log in under another name? Why? I dont know but this just feels wrong to me and somewhat slimy but what do I know? There are people on here who are consistently jerks but at least they are consistent. If you have more than one screen name then I can only assume you have your reasons but as for me when you talk to me that is exactly who you are talking too.


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 11/14/2008
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