I don't know if anyone of you have been around someone with severe brain damage but for me it was something very new.

The days that passed were
nothing to eventful but far from the ordinary. Most of the LONG hours passed watching Bonanza a western television series that ran way before I was born and all because someone made the remark to Mcshitty about his fondness of the T.V. show. Which abruptly reminded him of the 20 hours he had on his DVR. The only break in the mind numbing days that passed was the walking turd shuffling slowly by me while humming the alzheimer's theme song only to stop long enough to take his daily shit in my face.

The following day just when i thought I couldn't take it anymore my friend Mike informed me that the nurse was taking Granny and Mcshitty out for the whole day so we can get some house work done. First thing on the list was replace Granny's chair with a lift chair to help her get up easier. This is where it gets a little fuzzy,see at this point my nerves were shot and my hands were raw from all the washing and sanitizing every 5 mins per Mikes advice. So as we proceed to move the old chair Mike starts feeding me "nerve pills"(which I came to find out later ranged from heart meds to
Oxycontin with no nerve pills any where in between) but the strangest part was when I seen where he was getting them from right about the 5th one I took....The fucking floor and the side of the old chair! "What the FUCK Mike?!?! You have been telling me to wash and sanitize my hands to the point I have blisters but the first dirty pill you find in the floor you feed it to me?" For some reason I couldn't get him to see my point of view on the subject.

Well at this time it was to late to worry about the details of where the "nerve pills" came from
just need to focus on not dying. As the day winded 
down and I was falling asleep as I  walked just to wake up to realize I had a raging hard on for some reason. We made it to the hotel room that I shared with my Mike and his wife,I went right to sleep(or passed out) as soon as I hit my bed. I'm not sure how much time that had passed but I woke myself up with some unusually loud breathing.I just quietly silenced my drug induced darth vader impression in the pitch black room. At that moment  I heard Mike say softly to his wife "I DON'T THINK HE IS BREATHING" What she says? "HE repeats I DON'T THINK HE IS BREATHING...I heard him breathing and now I can't hear anything!" You do know he took ALOT of "nerve pills" today he added.She reply's well go check and see if he is. At this point I'm still lying motionless in my bed wondering how this was going to play out. It was so dark you couldn't see 1 inch in front of you so I only could hear him slowly get up and make his way over to my bed.Then it got completely wonders the technique someone would use to check for life of someone you can not see. Will he softly put his hand on my chest,put his finger under my nose,give me a quick nudge.NO he used none of these effective methods. At this moment I felt his warm breath on my lips letting me know his lips were with in inches of mine. I scream "MIKE WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!" He jumps 6 feet in the air scared and stutters out I was checking to see if you were breathing! With your mouth I ask?! Its the most sensitive part on my body he replys! What the fuck was you going to do if I wasn't...kiss me good bye?
He points out again but...but...its the most
sensitive part on my body! Well my BALLS are the most sensitive part on my body so the next time I think your not breathing I'm dragging them across your face!!!

Some friends kiss you and some friends tea bag you but all that matters is that they care enough to check if your dead from them feeding you to many "nerve pills"

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