I don't understand anymore...

Yes, today is 9/11. One of the most dreaded days of all time. It sickens me how people just ignore this day like it's nothing. Have the decency to "wake up" and see what's happening. Humans fighting humans. We are all the same. The color of our skin means nothing. We are all human. Fighting a war for fossil fuel at what cost? Thousands of American soldiers dead? I know the world can't be perfect but we can sure as hell try to make it better. I dread this holiday. Not because it is sad, but because this day is when we were terrorized by, well, terrorrists. Why are people so sad? I know this is a sad holiday but think to yourselves. The people in Iraq are probably shouting, screaming, and cheering at the day that they succeeded in what they were trying to do. They want to scare us. Don't think that I don't care for this tragic day. Quite the contrary. When this war ends, and if it ends, I will devote myself to the military service. Why not now? I'm not giving up my life for a full tank of gas in a car. No. I want to give my life to my country. To something that will last longer that "100 miles". Something I can be proud of. Wake up people. Be strong. Don't be terrorrized any more. It's time to be proud of your country.



Uploaded 09/11/2008
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