I.E.D Lock and The Fun of D.U.I's

Has anyone here ever had a D.U.I.? There no fun, in fact, California is seriously starting to raise the bar on punishment for drunk driving. Its now mandatory to get whats called an Interlock device installed in your car that makes it impossible for you to start unless you blow into a device literally proving to the car that your sober in order for it to start. The worse thing about these things? Paying 200 hundred dollars for the installment as well as an additional 50 dollars a month to get the damn thing re-calibrated. Blow into the fucking thing drunk more than once and they will know. I recently had mine installed after receiving a DUI back in 2010, the reason it took me so long to finish was because I received a bench warrant for my arrest for not completing my community service.

After spending the night in G.P.D. and another full day in West Covina Court Holding Room ( think of a small room with like 20 other guys...and a dirty toilet in the corner ) The judge gave me 20 days in LA County (The Towers). With no Priors I served only 10% of my time (2 days). I went through processing which took a full god-damn day; strip and shower, wait to get x-rayed, see the doctor, waiting in cramped rooms with other men sleeping, LITERALLY using toilet paper rolls and sandwiches as pillows. After all they threw me in Pod A, and its pretty much there that I spent my time, sleeping, talking with other guys, and watching horrible daytime television. You gotta understand this wasn't hard lock up, where I am there is no segregation and most of us are going to be released soon. After a horrible meal of what they called "Scary-Yaki Chicken." and cold rice with a salad (the best part of the whole meal) with ranch I began my journey to be released.

It took just as long being processed out as it did coming in, so with all the waiting done and with my possessions reclaimed, I was free!!! You wouldn't believe the amount of Cab Driver's that bombard you when you step out-side, asking if you need to call someone or that you can pay on arrival, it was fucking crazy haha. It was crazy, I couldn't believe I had went through that place, I had hardly slept, I was so fucking hungry and tired. After getting picked up and brought home, I packed a bowl, and slept like a baby.

Uploaded 10/06/2012
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