I Hate it when...

  • I'm listening to the radio and a song comes on that sounds like it's going to be really awesome, but then the singing starts.
  • My boss tells me to do something and then 2 days later yells at me for doing it because he forgot that he told me to do it.
  • My mom tries to hook me up with the people she meets at work...she's a cook at the local jail.
  • People pass me in traffic only to go slower than I was going in the first place.
  • I go to leave work and I come out and my car has a flat tire so I call my boyfriend to come get me and he tells me there's a spare and a jack in the trunk and I can just change it myself, but the "spare" is just a tire with no rim.
  • The guys at work ask me if they do something bad will I spank them.
  • I just get done doing the dishes and then somebody comes up and takes a glass out of the drain, pours just enough milk in it for one drink, drinks it, then puts the glass in the sink for me to wash.
  • Some bitch that's like a size zero complains about how fat she is.
  • Some dumbass walks up and says, "I'm feelin' you, and I think you're feelin' me too, so why don't we just go somewhere and get this over with?"


Uploaded 06/23/2008
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