I hate LOUISVILLE...........

A while back ellimem got banned and we all joined in and voiced our opinions, not everyone liked ell but it was just wrong what was done to him. So most of us ebaum users voiced our opinion. Now comes this  u of l and guess what people ..HE DESERVES EVERYTHING THAT IS DONE TO HIM.   Sorry as all hell but ANYONE who has a Louisville cardinal should be banned. OK I am joking about this but still he shut down ebaum for a couple of hours or even for 1 damn minute. Here is the question I have this guy apparently has a great knowledge of the inner workings of ebaum and the way it functions. So how many points did he steal or get in some slight of hand move.


EBAUM thank you for showing this particular trouble maker whose site this is. Even though he gave some kiss ass apology this is your business first not some toy as some people think it is.   So off with his head....................


Now if you guys want to put up UK avatars then go to it but SCREW LOUISVILLE.


Thanks for reading Bohank.

Uploaded 09/06/2008
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