I 'hate' money

After current events in my financial present, i've come to this: I love money, sweet fresh money, straight new bills right out of the bank. It gets me anything I want, gets me cold beers, nice stakes and wine, I can take my girlfriend out, travel, buy astroglide (thanks for the tip dirty), lots of stuff, some very necessary; like get seen by a doctor if I want to whenever I want to, put gas in my car, pay my bills, long fucking ETC. Everything you want, even love if you think about it (al least, it helps a lot). Damn, money is good when you got it, but it really sucks ass when its not there. Its sad when you have little of it, or nothing at all. When you dont have it, the consumer spell is broken; you realize how pathetic the whole thing is, how the wheels turn. And Im not talking about the pursuit of happiness.

We cant live of trade anymore. We need bills and credit cards. Thats the way things have gone for a long time. We didnt make the game, we just play it. But, considering what we know about economics, that it stinks in so many levels, about taxes, government expenses, the dynamics of currency, inflation, CORRUPTION, why do we still keep on playing the game? When the shit hits the fan, money or gold wont be of any use. Youll need skills, and shotguns, and knowledge to find, grow or hunt your own food, and survive. Youll find skeletons still holding credit cards or gold in them, useless. Damn! If you can, read The road by McCarthy. Real eye opener, or a source for a paranoid crisis.

Im getting my cable shut down, again. I havent paid it in a while, it escapes my budget. So then, it all comes down to choices: do I want to watch cable TV or do I want to buy that bag full of kush buds? I choose the bag. Doesnt matter, I know a guy that knows a guy; hell get me free cable for a couple of bucks.

Uploaded 05/17/2009
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