I hate my roomie...

   Alrighty...generally I'm a nice guy but sometimes the urge to be a total dick is overwhelming. And I'm going to be one right now. I HATE MY FUCKING ROOMIE!!!

Why does Deunan hate his roomie? I'm glad you asked. I will keep it short because ALL the reasons why won't fit on the internet.

1. She always has goop in the corners of her mouth...gross.

2. She's a total and complete bitch who never has anything nice or positive to say.

3. I'm no english professor but her butchering of the language is maddening...

   a. "Yeah, I seen it". FUCK

   b. "So I says to him..." FUCK

   c. For some reason she adds a T to the word cousin..."Cousint" FUCK

   d. Ends every fucking sentence with "...and stuff, so." FUCK

4. Does not realize it's unnecessary to SCREAM when she's on the phone.

5. Showers so infrequently it's beyond disgusting.

6. Has a different dude inside her every 4 to 6 weeks...revolting.

7. Is a complete and total fucking slob.

8. Constantly asks me why she's 41 and not married. LOL

I can keep going but I think that's enough dickishness for now. I'm sure ther will be more later on.



Uploaded 08/23/2010
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