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I can't stand the Internet. It is full of too many crazy and idiotic people that make me realize that humanity is doomed. The thing that bothers me the most is the “9.11 Truth Movement” people that watched Loose Change or Zeitgeist and saw an undeniable truth: the source of all evil in the 21st century is President Bush, the Federal Reserve, and big business as they were behind the falling of the Twin Towers (and the rest of 9.11). If you are believer, please refer to this website for a point-by-point deconstruction of the major claims in Loose Change:


These conspiracy nuts literally stink up the net. I can't help but ask the community of Ebaumsworld: How many of your Civil Liberties have been taken away since 9/11? How many people you know were hauled off to prison or work camps for their political affiliation? How many times have you been in realistic fear of the Federal government? I'd imagine that the answer is probably 'no' amongst 99.99999% of Americans. Americans troops will leave Iraq in this decade and I'd imagine Afghanistan as well. And, of course, Bush will be leaving office shortly. Yet still, these nuts go on about 9/11 and even had some celebrities, Charlie Sheen for example, jump on their bandwagon.


If you are unaware, the ultimate reason for the 9/11 attacks, according to the 9.11 Truthers, was to instill fear in the population (over terrorism) and be able to subdue the American population to a point where they'd give up their liberties. To be quite honest, this is ridiculous because – generally speaking – the American population is too complacent as to actually care about terrorism. Unless bombs were going off every day in America, people simply would stop being afraid after about a year (How many of you are afraid to go anywhere tomorrow in fear of a terrorist attack?). If the government earnestly wanted to take away our rights, they could have a long time ago without us even knowing.


Finally, I want to show you all a real quick way to refute the 9.11 Truthers about the Twin Towers falling because of a controlled demolition:


No engineering agency in the world has really taken down a building like one of the Towers, let alone two. It would require thousands of charges to do so. That being the case, who planted these charges (it would take thousands of workers)? And when did they do it? How come no one noticed the walls being cut up and put back together over a period of years?! Bomb-sniffing dogs were constantly brought into the building by various law agencies at the local, state, and Federal level. How come they never smelled these bombs? And if they did, how did the government keep the officers quiet at all these levels?


Sorry it's a bit long but thanks for reading.

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