I HATE self-righteous vegans

I was just watching a show on Animal Planet. Yes, I'm a nerd. I watch animal planet all the time. I'm a sucker for animals. My major in school is Animal Behavior/Bioethics. Long story short, I will be working with zoos and aquariums training and helping animals.

Anyhoo, there were two interns applying for a job at this sanctuary ranch. The woman screamed at these two interns not because they did something wrong but just as a process of getting the job. She said, "you do not name these animals, you do not play with these animals. They are wild. If you do so, you'll kill them".

My main argument isn't really with these two women as much as it is with self-righteous vegans. I hear the argument all the time- "don't eat meat! Meat is murder." Yeah...and? These are the same people who say that "animals are equal if not better then us". What? And if eating meat is murder, why do other animals do it? I've questioned vegans about this. Their argument? "We, as humans, are morally capable of understanding that killing is murder." Wouldn't they make us superior to animals then? Where is the logic in that argument?

I hate seeing animals abused and I don't like the idea of animals dying for nothing. However, if you use the remains of an animal you kill, then it is not wrong. It's survival. It's primal. I don't mind hunting IF people use the animals they kill for food, weapons and clothing. Killing for the thrill of the kill is wrong. And for you Bible thumpers out there, God says we can eat animals (except hoofed animals). But I'm atheist so I don't give a fuck.



Uploaded 06/30/2008
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