I hate to do this....I really do

Wallboy you are either blind, stupid, or just plain in denial......again with Carter you say. The only reason I am going to put this out there is because I want no illusions to what this man did. I am sorry to say it was the first time and the last that I voted a party for president, after this I voted the "man". I was alive and in the real world and more than you I owned a house and paid taxes and had my first child by then and I signed on to a variable rate and my house payment was 167.00 a month. When Carter and his congress got finished with this country I was paying 400.00 a month and standing in line to buy gasoline and we had DOUBLE DIGIT inflation and our citizens were being held hostage due to his weak ass foreign policy.


You and people like you are the reason this country will not pull together and hell YES that means the fucking republicans too!!! You guys taunt people like a child and scream look at what Obama had done. WAKE UP the president has such little power you must look to congress which has been controlled by the Democrats for what at least 2 years? The difference between you and I is I hope somebody does fix the problems in this country and when they do it will be good for US and if they fail it will be bad for US I will not be standing in the streets bitching like a two year old who has their candy taken away. Wallboy you are 48 which means you were 15 when Carter was in power and I think the way you talk you may be just as smart. GROW UP and pray or hope this country turns around and if and when it does, be a stand up person just this one time. I hear all the time about the young people in this country screwing things up. Well with older people like you to show them how to act is it any wonder? Just for the record I had this same conversation with my staunch republican brother this weekend just substitute wallboy for Joseph. I really am sorry to all of you about this discussion about politics because although I am very political I AM TIRED of discussing it and this will be the last time from this moment on I will handle through inbox.


I also want to say Carter was not all bad, had Salt agreement and I do think he was the most honest president we have ever had and that was his downfall.


Thanks for reading Bohank

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