I hate weddings

Yes it's true, I hate weddings. All of the ceremony, mindless tradition, and thousands of dollars thrown into what really amounts to as a party is beyond my tolerance. I see no point in spending thousands and thousands of dollars on a dress that she will wear ONCE, flowers imported from faraway lands that will adorn the church and reception hall for ONE DAY, a cake that will be consumed in ONE DAY, catering meant only to impress the couple's guests, professional photography, etc, etc.
So much time, effort, energy, and money is funneled into a one day event, and the happy couple does not prepare for all of the days that follow. The focus should be on the MARRIAGE, not the WEDDING. More and more weddings are used as political tools within the family. "I'm still angry with my sister for something that happened in middle school, so I will ask someone else to be my maid of honor." "Aunt Linda is insisting that her daughter's boyfriend should be invited also, just because Uncle Mike's daughter's boyfriend was invited. We know Uncle Mike's daughter's boyfriend, but we have never even met Aunt Linda's daughter's boyfriend. Better invite him, or Aunt Linda will flip out." "If I include my cousin, who I am close to, as a bridesmaid, she will be in the pictures, and then anyone who sees the pictures will focus on how fat she is."  I have seen it.
I am getting married again some time this summer. I already have my dress picked out and bought. It is red, and it cost $100. We are going to Vegas to get married, and no one is invited. We are going to take some time and focus on each other. Too much attention to the wedding, and the marriage gets put behind.
Uploaded 06/12/2011
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