I have advanced in the war with caturday!*arguement here!*

It seems ebaum has taken my idea with Anti Caturday...and fell short at my style of humuor. To all those who saw my Anti Caturday galleries or read my previous "war with caturday" blogs, please join my anti caturday group if you thought this was a good idea after ebaums posted it. Even if ebaums delivery was sad.

If enough people join, I'll make a weekly anti caturday. The other galleries are in my profile. Thanks for your support. Now that ebaums has decided to go along with my idea, maybe I can get featured.



*Update #1*

lol dimey u failed at english ... lol .... I bet your parents wished they hadnt just considered abortion..


 you have to admit ebaums did directly copy my idea if i get any credit i will happily crank them out weekly. Thats right i am offering to side the "The man"..



*Update #2*

haha dimey !! you responded to this blog i updated... lol what an asshat. Your blogging nasty comments about someone who laughs at dead animals.Idiot. the only reason i respond in updates is because i dont want to litter the blog page with petty arguements.... I bet you piss sitting... Clearly your parents are to blame and its not your fault. Im sorry i said you piss sitting, and i will start to capitalize more often. but could you do me a favor.. its realy easy and fun to do. Get a life small dick!.. just kidding you seem nice enough i guess.




*Update 2 1/2*

I am actualy having a sort of sadness about insulting Dimey. See i used a capital letter. The way he would have wanted it. You see he actualy passed away after writing his last blog against me. It was a possible suicide or something like that. But gay.  So you all know a rather large four hundred pound cripple with lishp will be blogging with his account. So In memory of dimey the origional I WIL USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS  TO END THIS EMOTIONAL UPDATE


RIP DIMEY (or swallows as his family called him)


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