I just threw up

I work for a hearing aid company. I just want everyone to know that sometimes the patients we get are not the best to work with so closely. This little old asian lady came in with all her shopping bags. Let's back up she came in yesterday to get her ears tested and ended up taking a shit in our bathroom for an hour and a half. Needless to say we didn't have time to test her.

Again today she's back for her test. So my coworker is taking a look at her ears. Well, there's a bit of blood in her canal. So we get to take a picture and send her to the ENT. I was the lucky one to go in the office and take the picture. She smelled like rotten pussy if you could imagine the smell.

This made me so nauseous I ran to the bathroom to puke. I feel a little better, but I can't get that smell out of the air or the site of blood sitting against her tympanic membrane.

After all that she offered me a piece of candy.

Uploaded 10/18/2008
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