I learned something fromabout right wingers

I liked Rollo's blog and commented that I thought I agreed with half of the items in his mission statement.  I looked at them item by item and it turned out it was many more than half.  I made bold the items that I strongly agreed with.  I italicised the items I marginally agreed with.  I underlined the items I strongly disagreed with.  It turns out Rollo and I are closer to more issues that I thought.  We could argue all day about global warming and human impact on the environment, but that would be a farce.  I can't imagine he'd change my mind and vice versa.  We might argue over exactly what media bias was more problematic, but that's quibbling as long as both of us agree that there is more than one type of bias out there. 

A pinko secular psuedo liberal can apparently learn a lot from a bible thumping right wing psycho.  Thanks, Rollo.


  1. I refuse to accept or believe the lies and hypocrisy of the media.
  2. I will stay informed for the rest of my life.
  3. I will properly educate my children and raise them in a Christian household.
  4. I will not falter on my Christian beliefs.
  5. I will turn to God to help my family and me through the tough times.
  6. I will praise Him daily.
  7. I will not back down on my principles.
  8. I will never again be afraid or feel ashamed to question my government when they are wrong.  It is my responsibility as a citizen to question and challenge.
  9. I will not let anger blind my judgment.
  10. I will debate or argue with facts.
  11. I will not be a mindless sheep or lapdog follower of the government or readily accept or believe everything they tell me.
  12. I will ignore those who mock, threaten or try to intimidate me.
  13. I will be civil, but firm when confronted by opposition.
  14. I will not sink to their level.
  15. I will not feel ashamed or believe others when they say the world hates America.
  16. I will not bullied into thinking that America needs to take on a global role and follow the wants and needs of the world.
  17. I will not feel guilty or accept being labeled a racist for wanting tougher immigration laws and enforcement.
  18. I am against open borders and I am not ashamed of it.
  19. I will not tolerate or accept special rules and laws imposed on me in order to accommodate the wants and needs of immigrants, legal or illegal coming into the US.
  20. I will not learn a foreign language just so I can communicate with those who come to my country and refuse to learn English.
  21. I will not feel guilty or uncomfortable for not agreeing with gay rights or gay marriage.
  22. I will not back down on my beliefs against abortion.
  23. I will no longer allow the government or the media to distract me from the real issues wither their petty and worthless arguments and lies.
  24. I will do my best as an American citizen to combat corrupt politicians and see them voted out of office.
Uploaded 09/22/2009
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