I like being WHITE



Fuck it.  I SAID it.  You responded.  You took the time to click on this blog.  You waited for the page to load (and knowing ebaums sometimes, you might have waited a while).  You closed the pop-ups, and said no to the virus crap... and now you're reading my blog, so keep fucking reading, there is no point in giving up now.


I am so sick of this racism shit.  Period.


Three reasons I hate racism: 


1. The Jumbo Super Haldon Collider

2. The Mars Lander

3. Britney Spears


This will make sense, just read on.....


I am white.  I am american, and I have never understood racism.  I grew up around blacks and hispanics and indians, and never thought of them as any different than me.  But there IS a difference...


When I drive somewhere, I don't get pulled over.  If I shave my goatee off, I look super innocent, I could be driving with a missle launcher out my window, and cops are just like "Have a nice day sir!"


I don't get watched in stores.  I could be wearing 45 shirts when I leave and the old white lady is like "Have a nice day sir!"


I can get a cab in new york, and credit without an application at Wells Fargo.  The cabbies and bankers are like "Have a nice day sir!"


It's true.  It sucks, but it's true. 


Now I would love have a huge...-er dick, and better rhythm, and be better at sports, but I am who I am.  And that's the real messsage here...


All my adult life, has been spent in a time where black people were not oppressed.  There was no slavery, no seperation of colors, and not even a lot of hate crimes where I grew up.  I have never seen anyone "held down" by any "man".  I have never seen anyone have to use a different bathroom or water fountain.


I grew up where there were a lot of black people.  There were also a lot of indians (feather) and they got what was called JOM (Johnson O'Malley) which meant that they got all their school supplies and living essentials free.  I was poor as shit and never had any of that stuff and would actually borrow from my indian friends.  They were awesome like that, and good people (and if drinks are on them, they buy A LOT!). 


I can't fucking believe we are still hung up on stupid shit like racism.  Are you fucking kidding me? We are so fucking beyond that as a people, and as a species.


We have fucking machines and people IN SPACE!  We have robots on other planets!  Are you telling me that we can develope crazy computers and programs and still get petty over skin color?


We have a fucking science machine that is 17 fucking miles long.  It performs one of the most amazing miracles that our minds could ever wrap around!  This atom collider is more advanced than most of us can fathom.  It also spams TWO COUNTRIES with it's size... yet we feud over where someones great-great-great-great-grandfather might have been born?  Come the fuck on.... This is bullshit.


We do stem cell research!  We know everything about billions of organisms and other life forms on this planet.  We overcame Ice Ages, and dinosaurs, and OJ Simpson.  Are you serious that we can't get past some lame shit like race??!!!  Fucking amazing to me....


I like being white, mainly because I AM white.  I am who I am and that is something that NOONE can help me change.  You CANNOT be somebody else, period.  If you don't like you, then noone fucking will.  If you don't love you, then don't expect any from anywhere else.  You are fucked if that's the case.  Like who you are, embrace it and be happy with it, then you will see that everyone is in the same fucking boat.  


If If you found out someone shot your mom in the face, and your friend could lead you to them, would it fucking matter whether the guy was white, black, or brown?  Would it?


If someone jumped off a ship to save your kid who fell overboard, would it matter what goddamn color he was?  No, it wouldn't. 


Get over that past bullshit.  The past only labels you and defines you, and as a great hindu philosopher said "When you lable me, you negate me".  The past does nothing but set-up an image that YOU now have to live up to.


We are better than this people, stop the bullshit already...


I am Brandon, and fuck you.... no matter what color you are.... oh and Britney Spears, shit.... Every race should have to take credit for that fucking disaster....

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