I Love Diapers and Crib Parties!

Dear Tommy, Another successful Crib Party was held in Tampa on Nov 8th. Joe and Ken from Boston were here along with Alex from England and Andy from GA. I managed to gather 18 people for the event in less than 2 weeks. A great time was had by all, sitting around chatting with the newbies and rehashing memories with old diaper friends. We had a potluck buffet of meatballs with red sauce, meat, cheese and veggie trays, chips. Desserts and refreshments abounded. Many diaper changes occured and filled the trash bin to overflow - like the diapers!!! We had a demonstration in shrink wrapping as well. There were 5 guys wrapped up individually while wearing only diapers. Then we wrapped 3 and 2 of the guys together and had fun putting ice down between the plastic and their skin.

Kirkie also brought some bondage gear and let whoever wanted, try things out in a safe manner. I am sure we will have another Crib party over the holidays, so look for announcements for my annual Mid Winter Warm Up party that will be held in Feburary again. Date to be announced soon and the location will be Ft Myers, Florida, once again...Thanks to the gracious offer of ABJohn to volunteer his home once again to host the party at. Last year's party had about 37 people there with 3 from overseas. Lets do that again!!! A big welcome to the newbies of the parties - Tony, aka Bink from Miami, Jim from Sarasota/Bradenton area, Kirkie from Tampa area and of course my new husband Joe. Joe had never been into diapers until I suggested them while we were getting to know one another. Now he loves them and we both could not be happier. Bamm Bamm 


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