I love sex!

(My life in a nutshell, and how sex is awesome! I don't care if you think this is disgusting, I think its an art!)


Hey everyone, most of you already know be by the name Scott... I am in college and currently 21. I have a womderful girlfriend named Hellena, which is funny, because we call her Hell.

First things first, and this could explain almost everything about me, I AM A GUY. I'm a funny person. I like starting arguements. I am working my way through medical school, and getting quick cash through modeling. and as any other guy would say... I love sex! :]

I am not a perv, like I was during the late years in high school and early years of college. I would have about 5 girlfriends a year since my Junior year in high school. And each one, I had sex with. oh wow...

The first girl, sadly I don't remember her name. I was 13 and was at a military camp, she was about one year older than me. I don't know how things accelated to "doing" things but she always talked about penis's... God knows why. I remember people calling her a slut, but she looked hot in tight camo... :]

After I lost my virginity I hadn't had sex in about a year. the next time I do remember doing so, was I got drunk (barley, I would say I was buzzing, light headed) at some club in town who didn't care who you were. This girl named Sandy, who was 15 had a couple of friends with her. We went to her house where things got heated up and we had sex untill we passed out on each other in bed. I don't remember how I got home or what... really.

So I was a Junior now in Highschool. A girl hitted me up on facebook and she said she wanted to date me. I seen her before in school but I hadn't had a girlfriend in ages. So I agreed. Within the second week of school our dating looked serious. Kissing, holding hands, she sitting on my lap. I changed my look because I got a vibe of how woman like to picture their men... So I worked out, dieted, wore clothes that were "in". I didn't like doing this but... whatever.

I joined the wrestling team, girls like guys in tight clothing... exposing things... I got into soccer, but no one carred about soccer so then I switched to football.

But before all this happened our dateing got even more serious. Going out on dates ever other day. It was her birthday, sometime in September. We went to see some movie, we sat in the back because she thought that was romantic... She looks over at me. "So where is my birthday present?" I did buy her a present, but it of course wasn't with me. So I was kidding, I said, "Its in my pants." She says "Oh really?"

So then my jeans where removed and there she was.... yeah. And the great thing about it was that she "liked" to swallow.. lol. So after this time we had occastional sex almost everywhere. In the car, kitchen, sofa, bed, shower.

Then she moved away. I tried to keep in contact with her, but she moved about 4 states away. So we broke up. After the week of our broken up ness... I got a new girlfriend. Lets say I missed the sex...

I was in a football game. And we won. and as I went to my car. Lets just say I "REALLY" needed a shower. My girlfriend at the time, had happened to be there and needed a ride home. In the car before I drove off, she looked at my crotch... I still had my cup in and she thought I had a hard on... She basically attacked me. And in the school parking lot she went off on me. Then I saw some friends walk by to congratulate me. Which wasn't the time so I put my car in drive or speed off while my girlfriend gave me head. Arriving at home. she didn't swallow but spit up all over the area... She broke up with me. And I never talked to her again. Many people called her a slut, and I knew she was.

The next semester came and whatever. I had a new girlfriend who wanted to get with me "JUST" to have sex. But I burst her bubble during "SEX" that I couldn't do it. She wasn't... tight... and I knew she was a whore. So we broke up.

By this time my guy friends knew I liked sex and tried to hook me up again. They succeded. I hooked up with some anorexix chick. We didn't have sex, but she was a boring person. I broke up with her because nothing was going nowhere!

Then my last girlfriend who basically came up to me and said she liked the taste of sperm... Which made my brain raced. Everytime I caught her eye she would licked her lips.

An underground society built up saying that I was the most person likely to be a porn star. None of the teachers knew. But here is a good thing I should have said before. Everytime I had sex I used a condom. Go me, right?!

So I was at the mall and I saw the girl. She led me to the womans bathroom where we had sex. Luckily only one other woman came in. And the girl I was "doing" said we should let her join... I laughed and said no, of course that would have been disgusting, an old lady.. it could have been I couldn't see her!

So then she gave me oral and deep throated gettin all she could out. And basically sucked me clean and dry and left no mess to clean up. We stayed together throughout the summer till next year. She left me for the quarterback of the football team who I knew. It was okay though. She was like the pass around bitch, after she did my friend she moved on to all my other friends and the geeks and the over-weight kids. Slut!

I visited a college I might be transfereing to and saw her there. She appologized for what happened back in highschool. Funny, I should have said sorry. She isn't the one penetrating me!

But she did give me a helpful quote saying that I was the best tasting, and most funnest ride she had ever been on... :]




I could go on much further. And sorry if I sickened you. But most guys want to see a guy that "punishes" woman, which I don't... Most woman want a sex god. I don't know why I typed this, but hardly anyone knows this...

I can say now that I am not much more of a sex addict as I was a long time ago. But I will tell you why later how that changed. My girlfriend now changed everything!

and now up to this point I have not used the word FUCK, until now.. so go me!

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