I love to hate EBW

It has been quite some time since I was able to actually sit down for more than five minutes and actually do more than write a snippy comment here and there. This has been for good measure as I recently got a job working for IBM. I have a lot less time to dick around but hey I make a paycheck so that is good enough for me.

In the time that I have been away from this site I have been up to a bit. I already mentioned I got a job and that is working out great. I was completly cut off from a computer and internet and anykind of electronics really for 3 weeks and almost lost my frickin mind. You might think at first the break from the fast paced technology and rush would be a good thing and let me tell you, it is. It has two sides to it though. On the one hand you do not have to talk to anybody and you do not have to do a damn thing for anybody. Eventualy though, boredom will set in and you are stuck looking for stuff and you will end up buying a gingerbread house kit from walmart then building it then finding the biggest flippin ant hill and lettin them go to town on that mofo. After watching that for about an hour, you will wish you had set that up on camera then sped the film up when they were done just so you can go onto ebaums, post a video of ants eating a gingerbread house very fast and get those sought after ereps. You will hope that you get your feature but you figure that ebaum will just steal your video and post it for himself and you will further hate ebaum. At the same time you are doing this wishing you just did everything that you were thinking, you start to miss EBW.

So here I am, back on Ebaums after about a month. I hate when I come back because nobody ever fills you in of the goings on in this asshole community. I love the place so much but hate a lot of the people and really I think in a sadistic way I love to hate people so ebaums is perfect for me. I know for a fact that is the same reason most of us are here and for the rest of you who dont think that is the reason, I want you to sit back in your chair then think about it real hard, play a little minesweeper because that game is always the shit eventhough all you ever get is one or two boxes then bit the bomb and you start to hate that smiley face and then close it out, then you will start hating me because I got you to play minesweeper and it just pissed you off and we are back at square one on EBW to see what I will say because you now love to hate me.

My theory might be slightly flawed...

I have not completly done the math and I probably never will, but I bet you will and again it only proves my theory.

It works out like my job, I love to hate the End User, it never gets old. 

(so what is wrong with your computer? you accidenly deleted your system32 file? why were you even messing with those files? did you see the prompt saying that those files were hidden because without them your computer would not work propperly? You viewed them anyway because you did not think that is what it meant? What else could it possibly have meant??)

things like that are what I go through all day, 90% of the time it is not that bad, but I have dealt with that exact situation. Most of the time you just want to laugh because of the stupidity of some people. It keeps me on my toes and puts some variety in the day.

the same is true for this community of bastards and assholes, bitches and cunts, full of the ignorant with plenty of input on everything, and the select few intelectuals who not only make you laugh but make you think.

I love this place so much.


signed by the Godliberator

Uploaded 01/11/2009
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