I need CASH!!!!

I know this sounds completely stupid and everone's heard it a million times but I'm a teenager and I need some cash. I actually need it for a reason, not just for stupid shit.

I worked all summer babysitting a demon child but that was only for the summer. Now school has started and I have no weekly income. I have saved almost every dime I made babysitting for a car, and I was praying I would find one I like within my price range. I went on craigslist and scowered the entire site, mainly looking for third generation camaros. If you don't know thats the I-Roc style (80s). I found one close to home and I love it. The only problem is that it is about $300 out of reach for me. 

I have put job applications at every fast food restaurant and grocery store within 5 miles of me but never even got an interview. I am looking to my fellow ebaum users to give me some ideas on how to raise some funds, and kind of fast because with my luck I'll make enough money right after the guy with the car sells it.

Please help me!

Uploaded 09/24/2008
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