I need to get drunk...

I just really need to vent. Sorry if some of this doesn't make much sense to any of you and how fucking long it is.

Work is driving me absolutely crazy. It's not the stupid customers, not the lack of days, but it's the employees as well as the store manager. A while back I wrote about how I collapsed at work and they've been trying to figure out what's wrong with me. For months now I'll get extreme dizzy spells, start vomiting randomly, and killer headaches.

After Rosa (store manager) yelling at me for leaving the store unintended (the ambulance came to pick me up and my assistant manager was just coming in), which is totally inconsiderate of her, she started telling the other employees that she's only going to work me two days a week instead of four (I still am, but that's because we closed up nights after this happened and everyone lost hours). The news spread like wildfire because of her. I'm surprised it wasn't on fucking CNN. Rose told people that I was taking pills (I took 4 motrins in the morning when I was there...yeah, that's really gonna do it). Then she was telling people that I was drinking the night before (which I actually DID have a beer and a small mixed drink). At that point, I was pissed. I called up Dennis (the district manager) and demanded that I wanted a meeting between the three of us. Rose got her ass chewed out, told her (as well as the rest of the employees) that if there is any more gossiping about other employees, they will immediately be terminated. Things were fine after that. They gave me my vacation pay and I was constantly going to the doctors to figure out what was going on.

The only thing that got me back to work was a doctor that I seen saying that my white blood cells were high and I could go back to work. I was told to come back in a month to get my blood count checked again. Before doing that, I seen my family doctor saying that I need to get on some sort of anxiety pills (I've been off Zoloft since early summer), some help getting to sleep, and a pain that's been going on in my lower back.They gave me a urinalysis and it turns out there was a bad infection infecting my bladder and kidneys but they would later have to do more tests in that area. He gave me an antibiotic called Cipro. I wasn't scheduled to work for another 4 days so I started taking them without doing any research on them (which I usually like doing). On Tuesday, I was scheduled to work 4-close and took one an hour before clocking in. At about 6:30, I started feeling really ill. A cop came in and told me that I wasn't looking right at all and I should have someone come in for me. It took me about a half an hour to finally give in. Mind you, the gas prices were at $2.47 and every other gas station around was at $2.65 or higher. We were SLAMMED. Another employee came in shortly after me so I could go home. I told her I was sorry I couldn't get hardly anything done because I wasn't able to move from behind the counter (people were lined up at each pump). She says it's okay and so I left.

When I got home I looked up the side effects on Cipro and found out a lot about it. They have a FDA safety alert on it and apparently hundreds of people have been hospitalized as well as died. They have so many different permanent damages along with it such as nerve damage. I stopped taking them right away even though I only had a couple left.The next day I went into work at 10 and worked until 4. The first thing Rosa said to me was "Emily, I have something to say to you. If you can't work a full shift when I schedule you, you need to find a different job because everyone is sick of it" What the fuck?? I seriously almost walked out. I was shaking in anger and wanted to scream at her but I finally managed to calm myself down. At about 12:30 I felt a need to throw up, but I wasn't feeling sick overall. I asked the stock girl (Crystal) if she could watch my register for a minute. I came out feeling just fine and told her that the pills make me feel a little sick sometimes. A couple hours later, I felt it coming again. She's usually working in the other building so I call her cell phone from the store and ask if she could let me use the bathroom real quick since there were too many customers. She said she was out doing a gas run and she was about to pass by our gas station in a minute, yet she tells me no. I was a bit irritated but dealt with it. Waited til there were no customers and did my thing. After that, I was fine.When she came back, I apologized and said it was nothing and asked her not to mention it to anyone. She agreed.

Bull fucking shit...

A couple days later was Friday and I went in to pick up my check and there was a write-up slip waiting for me. It said (not exact words of course since I don't have it with me):

"Not doing her cleaning responsibilities when Sara came in to cover her shift. Also, told Crystal to watch her register the whole day until 10pm" Then at the bottom it said warned, meaning I'm not getting any sort of punishment from it.

I was furious. My assistant manager was working the whole time and I told him the whole thing and he was with me 100%. First of all, I did some cleaning when Sara came in for me but it was impossible to do much. I wasn't even working that long at that point. Second of all, THE CRYSTAL STORY WASN'T EVEN CLOSE TO BEING TRUE!! And work til 10?! I fucking worked til 4! And we close at 11, so why 10?? I would've called a CASHIER to ask for them if I was feeling sick enough not to work, which I wasn't! I wrote a note saying that I refuse to sign it because everything was false and she should've talked to ME instead of making assumptions.

I came into work the next day (which was now yesterday) and my assistant was there again. He told me that Rosa wanted me to call Dennis before I clocked in. I told him the whole story and I vented a bit. I told him I'm sick of people making assumptions about me and if they want any facts then come to ME about it first. I told him that Crystal's story didn't make any sense and none of that even happened, and that the day I went home sick was one of the busiest days we ever had. Luckily he was happy to talk to me cause he was going to chew both Rosa and Crystal's ass out. Haha, take that you fucking cunts!

I clock in and took a Xanax (and yes, they're prescribed) to keep me calm over the whole thing. The day went by most smoothly than it has in a long time as being at work. When it was time to close, all I had to do was my paperwork and lock everything up. My paperwork showed that I was $20 short. I already put my money in the safe so I couldn't recount anything. Most of the time I screw up my counting but NEVER was I EVER short. So I just thought "eh, Rosa will figure it out in the morning. She always does."

I was (WAS) scheduled to work at 4 until closing again today. I came in 20 minutes early as usual and Rosemarie (cashier) told me that I had a write up slip. Apparently I was somehow $46 short. Funny...the cash shortage is MORE, I never been short before, and since she's an inconsiderate bitch that doesn't give a shit about my health and is trying to fire me probably, she gives me a three day suspension. A warning? Nope. The write-up from a couple days ago that destroyed was only a warning, so why am I getting suspended for this? Oh, and apparently even though it says it's just a 3 days suspension, it says not to come back to work until December 5th.

I know what she's doing. She's done this to other employees. If Rose is tired of them, they suddenly happen to have shortages on their paperwork then they're automatically dismissed.

Time to call Dennis. I'm going to rat her the fuck out about what she's doing. I'm so fucking fighting this. I bet I'll be back to work a lot sooner and hey, maybe the bitch will lose her job!

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