I punched Jesus in the Pee Pee

this is in response to all the blogs about christians and all that bullshit. i agree that all anyone ever does is target christians who are willing to come out and say "yes...i too am a brainwashed lemming" and more power to these god worshipers because they know what they're asking for the minute they put their useless opinions out there. and yet they still do it for love of their people are crazy...and your beliefs continue to boggle my mind...and what boggles my mind even further is the fact that grown people still buy into these ridiculous teachings...but i will defend your right to go out there and spread the word of the bible...because in a country ruled by chrisitans, we still have freedom of religion and that encompasses all religions...not just those that have been under persecution. lol and as fucked up as it may be, it is part of the christian religion to go out and try to recruit the next generation of sheep. in christian teachings, all who dont believe in the bible are godless heathens....we are evil...and to know that these christians still allow these us evil heathens to have religious rights in america, i think we should atleast extend the same generosity to them

to all you christians out there, if god didnt make people with alternative beliefs, there wouldnt be any.

Uploaded 07/13/2008
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