i shouldn't have...

i really should not have...




i shouldn't have compared this place (the Blogs) to an Irish Pub, but instead to David Caruso's career. Yeah, he was cool in King of New York  (though Chris Walken and Larry Fishburne stole the show) and Mad Dog and Glory, but he just ain't leading man material**. He is also an intolerable, incorrigible, insufferable and uninspired prat. And if someone mentions CSI or any one of those awful, derivative shows, they lose a finger... ask around, i don't fuck about. But to continue the analogy: coulda made it big in films but he is instead stuck in formulaic, banal television hell... pandering to the lowest common denominator.


The blogs are still the red-headed stepchild of this site, ebaumsworld. And what happened with the diaspora and or whatever the fuck that was all about? i'm actually asking. i see very few of the avys that i knew from a year-and-a-half or so ago when i left, but such is the nature of things. Do blogs ever even get featured anymore? And wow, pictures and such in blogs... a-fuckin'-mazing. Ebaums has changed. Not content wise, or the quality of blog or blogger, nor in the general make-up of its other denizens. Neither has the shit that makes up "Featured Content" changed in the least. But holy-fuck-balls there are a lot of ads all over the fuckin' place!


Glad to have stepped back in and seen that people still argue with futility and vehemence their own political motivations, religious affiliations (afflictions) or other broader ideological stances that they seem to have set upon without the slightest actual working knowledge of or research into beyond just cursorily skimming a Wikipedia entry.


Or so it seems to me. If in fact they do know these subject in depth, they offer a terrible job of their defence. Has anyone ever written a blog that changed someone else's mind one way or the other? So... why try? And then there are the "goat fucking" blogs and the go-hate-on-this-motherfucker-because-well-i-hate-them blogs, which have always and will always exist.  i don't even want to get in to the proliferation of the copypasta.


You are all morons! Pedantic, essentially retarded, functionally illiterate, WoW-playing, no-social-grace-having, uninformed, irredeemable, unscrupulous morons. You and your knee-jerk reactions to a stiff wind or a warm fart. You and your inability to learn; to fucking learn any-fucking-thing. You and your fucking split infinitives. You and your ignorance to the actual definition of words like irony or literally or peruse and their proper application in a sentence or thought (should you accidentally have an original one.) 


Yes. Yes to your question. Yes, i do think i am smarter (and better looking and faster) than all of you. Do you know how fucking stupid y'all sound 99.87% of the time? i actually crunched the numbers; i ran quantifiable data through a few equations, used a revolving matrix, and came up with that number, 99.87%. It isn't at all like the 60% of statistics which are just made up on the spot, that's the real fucking number!!!


So great, i spent 18 months away from here and nothing and everything has changed. Morons have been replace with different morons, idiots with newer idiots, assholes with assholes, et cetera. Crappy blogging has been supplanted by shitty blogging. At least the main page assholes have the good sense to stay away from this den of iniquity and ignorance and filth and mire. They just repost, for the fiftieth time, LOLcats or demotivational posters or god-damn whatever.





i have just one fucking thing to say to you ass-backwards, dick-warts:









It is fucking good to be home!!!        : )



i'm what the cat dragged in/ followed you home from school... wanna keep me?



-- savcam500




[Dictated, Not Read]







**(Once one has mastery of a language, one may take liberties with it.)



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