Been a long time since I wrote a blog, but its bc nothing tooig had happened (until last night that was.)

My brother got married in Costa Rica while i was off in college in the US so when I got back I decided throw him a good ol bachelor party. The first restricton I got from his now wife was the golden rule of "no strippers." Of course after realizing that she was talking to me she just said "okay have him home by three." I promised to have him back when it was over.

I was all worked up finding a place and getting the main girls and the rest of the entertainment, so I asked my friend Rolo to hire a "special" friend for my brother. This is a man that I have known since I was in grade school, so I figured everything would be fine. So i went and did the rest of the stuff.

The night came and all was fine and Rolo for some reason didn't show up. Rolo's recommendation finally arrived and she said her name was Victoria and to be honest she looked fine to my eyes.

After some convincing we got my brother to go with Victoria into the special room. 5 minutes later he came out running and screaming, he was cussing to the heavens and running for the hills. He was followed by Veronica who was saying "whats wrong with him, it's like he didn't know what he was in for." By that point I realized why my poor old brother had run. It just so happened that Victoria was really a Victor. The man walked as if he had a third foot decending from between his legs and behing that extra leg lay a huge sack filled with potatoes. At this sight I very respecfully thanked her/him for their time and send them on their way and called the thing off.

I called my brother and apologized and his wife said that I was the cruelest man in the face of this world.

I decided to go to Rolo's house to tell him what happened and to tell him that he had hired a tranny. To my surprise before I knocked on the door Rolo came out and said "I SWEAR I DIDN'T KNOW SHE AHD A PENIS! PLEASE DONT TELL ANYONE! Turns out that Rolo was a big time flamming fruit since we were 14 (which explains a lot. A LOT.) He had dialed the number of the wrong friend and asked them to come over and while Vic was at the party he was home with Mike aka Michelle. A fact that I came to know soon bc he came out and looked a lot like vic.

It just goes to show that you never really know a person and also that not all secrets stay that way.


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