i think i got a camera for free

i finally broke down and stole a camera


This weekend was a good friends wedding and I needed to finally get a digital camera , as I have been using the disposable kind for like forever.

There is nothing gayer than being at one of your kids events and every parent has these high tech cameras and im am sitting there with a kodak disposable.

Hey, let me take another pic , click , click , click , click as I turn that ghetto ass wheel to get to another picture that I don't even know if it came out right because it has no view finder.

So I was like , let me go get one. I have put it off for so long as I know that eventually I will get busted taking naughty photos.

That is one good thing about the disposables. The only thing that sucks is going to have it developed. I remember once I was taking pics of a girl I was seeing and I had like 11 pictures left , and I took all of them in the CVS parking lot. So the poor dude was developing them must have been like , breasts , ass , breasts , ass , breasts , shopping cart , cvs sign ....huh?


I just felt stupid developing a half used roll of film.


And I never write my real name on the film when I have it developed. Which can get real tricky when you lose your receipt.

Yes Sir , its has a whole bunch pictures of the front of your shopping center and then me doing naughty things with a chick.


Anyhoo , back to the story ....I have ADD folks.

So I walk into Walgreens as I stopped shopping at CVS.


And I walk up to the photo counter to pick out a camera.

Now the dude behind the counter looks like a mildy retarted Chris Farley and has zero camera expertise.

Im like does this model , do this ?

He literally took the package out of my hand to read the back to see if it had so many pixels?

Im like , wow , I never thought of actually reading the box.

So I settle on the camera  I am going to get.

It's a Polaroid Digital Camera for $100 on sale, half off!

So im like , wrap it up cheif.

He starts ringing me up and says that will be $107 and change.

Im like dude , its says $49.99 , its on sale for half off.

He says "oh , its a re-bate promotion" , go up to the front counter and get a re-bate book and you attach the receipt to it and mail it off and in 4-6 weeks you will get back $50 bucks.

So I walk up to the front counter with my kids and their friends asking me to basically purchase everything at their eye level.

Im like , you kids need to learn how to shoplift.

BRISTOL..represent , I think we all learned in McCrory's.

Anyhoo, I find the re-bate book and walk back to this kid.

So I really only wanted to spend $50 bucks , so Im like what else do you have in that price range , I hate waiting 4-6 weeks for my money to come back.

So now my jedi mind tricks start working overtime.

I start asking about 10 questions per camera.

The kid finally says , Sir you want that $100 camera for the $50 sale price now?

Im like ...ok.

He does a price overide and wishes me a great weekend.

And its going to be , because as I left the store I took the re-bate form.

So it cost me a total of $2.97 for the AA batteries.

And now I don't think I will mind the 4-6 weeks for my $50 re-bate.


Uploaded 07/30/2008
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