I tried to tell you

Well we made it through the Rapture now we have a new apocalypse to face!

Folks who have been around here awhile will recall that I have blogged a couple times on the impending Zombie apocalypse and the menace that entails. I have been mocked and laughed by friends when they see me stockpiling food and survival supplies. Being from Florida I tell my acquaintances that I am preparing for the hurricane seasons here, but we all know the real story.

Well with that being said I finally have been vindicated!  The Centers for Disease Control, a world recognized authority on communicable, hereditary,, and self inflicted disease has recently issued a guide to proper procedures in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse.

After reading this I knew that all my preparations and care were not in vain, I was in fact right and doing the correct and sensible thing! Now all I need to do is stock pile some more guns and ammunition, along with a couple more chainsaws, and I should be good to go!

Seriously people, DO NOT ignore these very real signs! Why would the CDC issue a preparedness guide if the apocalypse  wasn't imminent? 

Hell at least if the Zombies don't appear I'll be ready for hurricane season!

Hoarding supplies

Uploaded 05/21/2011
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