I uninstalled MW3

I have had it. I can't take it. No more of this shit. Honestly I bought the game with a positive attitude and hoped for the best. I figured why not. And almost a full year later I have had nothing but 12 year old's talking shit and having to deal with shitty wall hacks and people with shitty trolling skills. I just finished uninstalling it from my pc and plan on buying bf3. My pc is good enough to play it on high settings so I hope this will be a better choice for me. I play games to get away from stress and its just a hobby. I'm not a pro gamer or any of that shit, I think games are a big faggot waste of time. I rather waste time jacking off to porn. Fuck steam as well, their shit is so buggy and always getting hacked that they now put pre-paid cards out on store shelfs so that way you don't have to worry about people stealing your credit card info. The whole system is fucked if you ask me. I'm just the consumer looking to take the edge off on reality by playing some online games for a good time. It's kinda sad I can't even do that anymore. Maybe these are the end of times. Rome made it a thousand years and failed. I wonder how long this western vision of utopia will last before it all goes up in a pile of ashes. Ron Paul 2012
Uploaded 06/24/2012
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