i voted today


This is NOT intended to be a racist blog....

so i woke up at 5:30 to go stand in line to vote because i didn't want to be late for work. the polls opened a 7:00. when i got there (at 5:30), the line was already around the building. i finally got to vote at around 9:00. i was an hour and a half late for work. which really didn't matter because my boss understands the reason. Anyway, what i was going to say was, i have never seen so many black people in one place. i didn't even know that many black people lived in my city!!! it was like being at a rap concert.... So, heres a question for all, do you really think all the black people are voting Obama for his ideals?? i think not.. it's like they band together and vote for their man... so all those people who say voting McCain is racist or prejudice, you can all suck my dick. all those black people are only voting because of the canidates color. So couldn't you say the blacks are voting because of prejudice??? I think you could.

Uploaded 11/04/2008
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