I wanna try i-dosing...

Thanks to MacDreidel I want to try i-dozing.

If you haven't seen the feature, it's supposed to be a series of sounds that triggers something in your brain which makes you "high".


I am skeptical, but optimistic.  I'd really like for this to be real, because it's really hard to find mushrooms for sale around where I live... and I LOOOOVE Mushrooooooms! BUT I don't know if a simple or series of sound could duplicate the effects of a chemical imbalance of the brain.... then again if flashy lights can cause seizures...... I'm on the fence, and this is something I just have to find out for myself.

So according to the 5 mins of research I did on this, you need to basically be in a forced meditative state.  You need block out all other sounds, and light...  you listen to the track, which I have no intentions of paying for, and after a while you're supposed to "get high".

In my next blog on the subject I hope to answer these questions:


Does it work?  If so, which ones do, and which ones don't?

Can you be immune to these effects, if any?

Is it like chemical drugs.  I've done my share of chemicals - minus crack, opiates (opiate/heroine), and prescription/pharmaceutical hallucinogenics.

Can you become addicted?

Are there any side effects besides getting high?

Is there an age limit? We've heard about the cell phone ringer that cannot be heard by people over 30, and after I've tested this, that works... so there may be a possibility that some of the frequencies used to conduct this brain activity, won't work for people with further ear development that comes with age.




I'm going to try this, and I will let you know how/if this works.  I will also be convincing my boyfriend to try it with me.... he's almost 32, I'm 21... so we'll be able to see whether or not this effects men/women more, or if there's a difference with age.


I'm excited!



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