I Want to Bomb Syria With "Hug-Bombs"

Yeah I said it.... Hug-bombs filled with hugs and Eskimo kisses. That is what I would do because I am a caring individual. I don't want innocent civilians to be gassed when they could just be shot up and blown to hell by missiles. Also by sending over a few "clustrer-blowjob bombs" we would be able to win the support of the middle east and they would make our oil, lithium and other important minerals much cheaper. I would fill the bombs with these lil fellas.

Just think..if they weren't circumcised already it would be a 2-in-1 service.

I think Obama has the right idea...just the wrong type of artillery. Fill those bombs with the good chemicals. You know MDMA, Xanax, Valium, opium and such. Put all those chemicals in a big vat and make it to into some sort of gas, package that shit in a nice aero-dynamic missile and send it over there.

One of these will do. Shit I would pack both the blowjobs and drug gas in one of these. Just yank those sarin gas balls out and replace. Easy as ...

If you can't solve this then you never took Algebra 1 and possibly can't even read this blog. The Answer is....Jesus. Well not really but that is what Omnitone would say.

Anyway by sending over drug-gas bombs we would be doing to things....
1. Syrians aren't aloud to use drugs because of their religion so this would make them crumble with great depression. Eventually they would all just kill themselves because they failed Allah.

Uploaded 09/07/2013
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