I was questioned for murder and robbed by a cop

Well, Im not completely back. Just near a computer for the first time in a while. Things have been rough over the past few months. First, I lost my home. I moved back in with my mom. Things went ok there for a few weeks until she started running me into the ground for losing my home for reasons outside of my control. Then, my job started failing to pay me or reimburse me for expenses spent while working. No problems, I moved in with my Grandmother. I started looking for a new job. Not sure if you have noticed, but the job market is pretty difficult right now.

But the real fun started when my girlfriend and I decided to get a little "alone time." Since the move, we hadnt gotten much time alone. So after a date and a few drinks, we got a hotel room. At around 1:30 am, I woke up. Alone. At first, I thought maybe she just got up to smoke. Then, a little later, I realized she was gone for too long. So I finally got up and started looking for her. After an hour of looking, I still couldnt find her. So I called the police. They joined me in the search. No luck. Then one goes through both of our phones. He find a little quote that a friend of mine had sent me earlier that day. Its from a book. "Devil in a White City" And guess what? The book is about a murderer. The quote is something he said. "I couldnt help that I was a murderer. Just as the poet has the urge to sing" That is misquoted, but its important to know the direction. So this dumbass somehow decides that I murderred my girlfriend. Without an actual reason to hold me, he made sure that a cop was by me at every moment. I couldnt even go to the restroom without someone standing outside the door. It was kinda humiliating. long story short, 5 1/2 hours later, we find her. She had sleepwalked and found the one unlocked door in the entire hotel and slept in there. I cant describe how happy I was to find her alive and well. Also, the dickhead at the front desk was watching trutv about some couple who went on vacation and his wife was kidnapped and murderred. Very uncool. Well, after the cops cleared out, we found that both of our wallets were emptied of cash. I got an idea of which one took the money, but no proof.

Thats the big highlight. Im still trying to get back on my feet. Ive also had hell finding a new job. Im getting fucked over by my job still. Friday is my last day. Ill save more money being unemployed. I also tried my hand at panhandling. I made $5.50 and a job offer that turned out to be a joke.So, Im more broke than when I lost my home. And I see no hope in the future.

Uploaded 10/05/2009
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