I will not be shamed into doing anything..............

Look guys I am a loyal person and I think it was wrong for the things that happened to the old crew. I will tell you that what my life has taught me and that is there is always two sides to EVERY story. Funny thing is that ebaum or zuview or whatever asked me for my opinion. I am a simple man and I like the blog setup on here and will continue on as usual or at least til somebody tells me what is going on and then PROVES they are going to have a blog section that even us non-computer people can operate. When the other place gets there stuff together maybe I will go there but I have seen none of this so far. I write a blog and I get NO comments on it and its not like I am an attention seeking whore but I do like to feel like I am talking to someone.


So here is the deal guys I am going to be right here and IF the time comes that I am leaving I will post that also.


Thanks for reading Bohank


Just for the record I wish nobody anything bad and that includes Company's.

Uploaded 02/05/2009
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