I wonder what he will think.........

Dear Eric,


I cant help but wonder what you will think about all the stuff going on about this uofl guy and I wonder......will you fold up and give in so we all know we can do whatever we want to this site and business be damned? I am older than your members who come on here but I love the site. Some dont understand that above all this IS a business and you did not get here by laying down when you know you are in the right. My understanding is this guy cost you not only aggravation but money and in business money talks. I know you wont take my advice any more than the others but if I could advise you I would say STAND FIRM and let us know you mean business.


This is just one more boring comment on an already played out topic so let them change there little avatars in unity and we can all say goodbye to thief and a vandalizer because after all when it comes down to it that is what happened.


Thank you for reading Bohank


Just for the record I have no personal opinion about this guy I had never heard of him.

Uploaded 09/06/2008
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