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I don't normally comment on Neko's blogs as they're typically trolling and of conspicuous low quality and I frankly don't think he merits the attention.  Remembering to disable my speakers before the brain melting music kicks in is a pain as well.  But this is a topic I think is very important:  Ice Cream.  If I could live on one single food and remain healthy, I wouldn't even hesitate before choosing ice cream. 


All summer long, the kids and I make a batch of homemade ice cream each week.  We take turns choosing the flavor.  Chocolate is the hardest to get right and pistachio is the most labor intensive.


I consider myself somewhat an expert about ice cream.


Neko's first ice cream blog was okay in factual content.  Bourbon vanilla ice cream IS good.  Strawberries compliment almost all vanilla variants well too (black walnut being an exception).


The last blog about walnut ice cream is just crap.  Neko took exception when I one starred it and PM'd me.  When I explained my problems with the blog, explaining why I bothered to star his blog (even though he's admitted to going back and one starring all of my highly rated blogs to get them off of the highest rated tab) he pm'd me this back:




Jun 19, 2011 01:34

pmRE: you didn't like it?


First of all, what kind of an English teacher says "that doesn't preceded a main course"? Did you mean "does not precede"? An appetiser is food served to stimulate th View More

First of all, what kind of an English teacher says "that doesn't preceded a main course"? Did you mean "does not precede"? An appetiser is food served to stimulate the appetite. Not necessarily before the main course. Look it up. Secondly, high quality orange juice tastes great with ice cream. But it's the expensive kind, so you have the right not to know that. As long as you buy quality, sweet oranges and make a fresh juice, it doesn't have the right to be very sour. Another thing is, strawberries can show much more tartness than oranges. You just proved how much of a fool you are in that area.



(I'd mentioned that you don't have an appetizer before the last course of a meal.)


I replied to Neko:


I'm not an English teacher.  Sorry about the typo though.


Appetizer precedes a meal to stimulate appetite.  Look it up.


Highly acid beverages will curdle cream on your tongue as well as in your bowl.  But my orange juice kicks your orange juice's ass ( 


There's no accounting for taste, but it's not a good flavor combo for ice cream or for walnuts.


Your preoccupation for that which is expensive is kind of lame.  Just because you pay more doesn't guarantee high quality.  It just guarantees you'll pay more. The fact that my orange juice happens to be expensive isn't what makes it good.  The fact that it's made with the proper combination of fresh oranges that are never frozen and has no sugar added is what makes it good.


You can name call all you want.  I said strawberries are a good flavor combination.  I didn't suggest you drink a glass of strawberry juice while eating ice cream.  That being said, the pH of strawberries usually runs from 5.5 to 6.5.  The pH of orange juice is usually around 3.5.  It is way higher in acid concentration than any strawberry you can find that's even approaching ripeness.  Look it up.  You don't know shit about fruit, science, or ice cream.  This is why your ice cream doesn't curdle around your strawberries and does around your orange juice.


Your blog was shit and gave bad information about a very important topic, ice cream.



Like I said, Neko doesn't merit any attention around here, but when somebody is giving bad information about something as important as ice cream, something needs to be said.


By the way, I'd be interested in knowing what brand of ice cream that is unattainable by people as lowly as red and ty that is so expensive that it must be good.


If I'm buying regular, store bought ice cream here in Vegas, the Breyers natural vanilla isn't bad.  It's free of carrageenan and other weirdness.




It's not fantastic (or even that expensive) but it makes good cones for the kids.  It's ingredients are few and of good quality:  Milk, Cream, Sugar, Natural Tara Gum, Natural Vanilla Flavor.


In Texas, I used to buy Blue Bell.  It's tastey, but not all the flavors have good ice cream to ingredient ratios and they use more gums than I care for.


You want good ice cream?  Make it yourself.

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