If a bitch is too good to be true, she probably is!

If a bitch look too good to be true, she probably is. Okay.

If you meet a girl who earrings match her necklace, match her bracelet, match her ring, match her nipple piercing, match her belly button piercing, match her belly chain, and her ankle bracelet, and her toe ring, and her toe nails match her fingernails, and her fingernails ainât acrylic, and the bitch grew um all herself, and she got pretty legs, and the bitch ainât never skinned her knee, or got a mosquito bite, ainât got no cellulite, no varicose veins, and her ass is tight, and her titties is perky, and they both the same size, and they look up at ya, and she got a nice neck, with no fat around it, and she donât sweat too much, and her breath smell good, and her teeth are all white, and straight, and her lipstick is on good, and her eye makeup is on good, and the bitch ainât got no wax in her ear, and you feel her hair, it long down her back, and she ainât got no tracks in her hair or nothinâ like thatâ¦

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