If Ebaums were a bar.... Part 1






It wouldn't be considered a dive bar, by most standards, but it also wouldn't be considered upscale, or trendy either.   Let me walk you through this nightclub/hangout.


I stand behind the bar... observing it all.  I might be the most opinionated bartender you have ever met, but if you spent hours a day looking at this place and these folks like I do, then you would have an opinion too.


We have two main rooms, or sections if you will.  They are seperated by the bar, which runs the length of this place, right down the middle, serving both sides.  I, being the bartender, bounce between both sides, serving up whatever is asked for, and sometimes giving out what is deserved.


The eastside of the bar, I like to call the Lounge.  There are couches, tables that don't turn over quite as much, some dimly lit, and some bathed it white-hot spotlights, per the customers request.

These patrons spend a lot more time getting to know each other, whether they hate or repect each other, there are more lengthy conversations here, called blogs.


The westiside of the bar I like to call the Lobby.  Not much lengthy conversation here.  People pop in for a second, get a drink, yell at few of the others, and then leave.  The main attraction of the lobby are the TVs.  Featuring something new every few hours for everyone to talk about, or complain about.  Mostly complain about.

I know that the features on the TVs aren't the best, yet it doesn't stop the Lobby regulars from stopping in, and in some cases staying too long.


These are two distinctly different sections of this bar.  One side liking to be heard, and to share and to rip on others in that section.  The other for those who only want to comment on the features, whose chatter quickly drifts away from the features and onto each others comments, as the focal point of their conversation.


I like this place... and in our next visit, we will explore some of the regular patrons to this place, both in the Lobby, and in the Lounge.


Until then, I have to get busy cleaning, as I do have a job to do...


Stay tuned....


Uploaded 01/02/2009
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